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Our ITAD Services

We resell refurbished IT equipment at accessible prices for underserved communities that can’t afford new technology. Our product offering’s are on average 40%-80% cheaper than brand new IT equipment.

Certified Recycling

We dismantle and recycle unusable waste electric and electronic equipment using processes that are guided by environmental laws, the code of conduct governing our industry sector.

Nationwide Collection

Fill out a collection request and we’ll collect your unwanted electronic waste we collect from all 9 South African provinces.

Quality Refurbishing

We refurbish laptops, desktop PCs, servers, computer monitors and networking equipment – extending the life of useful assets while minimising the negative environmental impact of ‘e-wasting’ IT assets that can be re-used.

Auditable Reporting

We provide auditable asset valuation, recycling, destruction reports and certificates. Underlying our reporting is a transparent Chain of Custody Reporting.

Expert Assessment

Our team of expert technicians will audit and assess the equipment to determine what can be refurbished and what must be classified as e-waste and be recycled.

Data Destruction

We provide physical destruction of hard drives, data tapes and other media. Our certified data erasure methods are NIST 800-88 compliant, and our data destruction solutions are EU GDPR & POPIA compliant.